Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Another stroke of genius from the Left

Drudge links an article from the San Jose Mercury News, reporting a San Francisco movement to let non-citizens vote. I read this and nearly went numb. My spine was tingling, fingers trembling. I hardy know where to begin with this.

Let’s set the scene: post-911. Amazingly, we still have borders that are virtually unattended. Terrorists can pretty much walk into the United States without challenge. If arrested illegally entering the country, you are released on your own recognizance with no legal consequences at all. Soon, newly arriving terrorists can go straight to the voting booth and change local laws to suit their divine purpose.

So, if al Qaeda wants to attack us, they have only to walk across the border in sufficient numbers and elect a new mayor. No need to set off bombs to influence elections, as they did in Spain. Just send in the Electoral Fedayeen to change the outcome of any given election. And no need for actual terrorists to run for office— incumbent officials are standing by to implement any anti-American agenda you care to offer.

The paper quotes local voting-rights experts, “…it's only a matter of time before the state comes to grips with its new demographic reality: Almost one-fifth of all voting-age Californians are non-citizens.” A bit further down, “You can't have a growing number of residents in your jurisdictions that are not part of the body politic. You want to have everyone inside the tent”. With this mentality, I suspect the camel’s nose is already well ensconced.

I thought the idea was to get the unwanted people outside the tent. Outside the country, in fact. If twenty percent of voting-age people in California are non-citizens, then maybe it is time to start checking IDs and arresting and finally deporting a few folks.

“The idea here is not so radical,'' said Matt Gonzalez, president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and author of the proposal. Not so radical? By San Francisco standards, perfectly reasonable.

Actually, the idea is covertly brilliant. We can at last resolve some of the controversial social issues of our time, with new-found allies among the islamo-fascist community.

Think of the possibilities. Once the mullas have their death-grip firmly around the necks of the mayor’s office and the school board, we can finally expect school vouchers to become possible. After all, what jihadist would not want to send his kid to a publicly-funded madras? Somebody has to teach kids the proper way to strap on those bomb vests. And the word “primer” takes on a whole new meaning.

And forget about the school prayer issue. Five times a day, like clockwork. Mecca is thataway, kids.

No more fuss over bi-lingual education either. Only one language needed to read the Quran.

And we thought the left had run out of ideas.


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