Sunday, October 04, 2009

Still Crazy

I am in India as I write this. Business trip, third time here. Used to it by now, and as long as I sanitize fanatically I can get by for the week.

Jet lag takes its toll, but I do have lucid moments. Here is one, as I read Peggy Noonan's latest WSJ op-ed piece. I hope you can view it without subscription. My reply to her:
Well, Peggy, you have done it again. Confused wishful, wistful thinking with reality.

If any one human being was responsible for turning what was an outright military victory in Vietnam into an utter between-the-tails cut and run defeat, it was Uncle Walter, when he declare the war lost after the Viet Cong destroyed itself in the '68 Tet offensive. But to you, his was responsible journalism.

You are right, in that the 20-30 crowd cannot lead. They are as clueless a generation as we have had, and their leader is now our President. And he leads accordingly, with all the sound bite pap and fury he can muster. He sells used cars, but not enough. He sells his hometown as an Olympic Village, but not well enough. He apologizes, and imagines it engenders global respect. Clearly, it does not. The planet is not, in fact, healing.

We have bright people with solid voices. But, the barnacles of the establishment can neither fathom nor tolerate their message, since it does not reflect Eastern Liberal Republicanism. Of course, I refer to Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, J C Watts and many other voices of red-state flyover country.

It will take failure of both the Left and of the old guard Republicans for the new voices have their full effect. The old guard, along with the inane children of the Left, must exhaust themselves and all fall down in order for sanity to rise up and be heard. Only when we are completely sick of the old will we be willing to listen to the new.

Does it make anyone else wonder how, in the 21st century, we can still be taking Socialism and collectivism seriously? How we can imagine American conservatism to be somehow "fascist", while the Left takes over entire industries with impunity? It can only happen if people are either ignorant, or not paying attention.

The new kids on the Left are clearly ignorant. They still think Hoover was a laissez faire capitalist and FDR was an economic saviour. That JFK saved us from the Cuban Missile Crises, when he in fact created it and lost the resulting battle.

The old guard Republicans are simply not paying attention to their own history. They loved Reagan when he won, but disdain his intellectual bequest. We got Bush and Bush instead. And Obama.

Conservatism is not dead. It is like a green bush that has been pruned severely. The Left imagines us dead and gone, that they are on the rise and have the American political wind at their back.

But, we are not gone. Every tea party meets denial and disdain from the Left and from the old Republican guard, but we know who we are. We are finding our voice in the middle of that unregulated rabble on radio and TV you seem to despise and fear. Every tea party is "racist", "over the top", "mob action", whatever. But every one gets bigger, more meaningful, and more powerful.

We are called ugly names, but no matter. We know who we are.

America is a fundamentally right-of-center nation. We know this, and we are on the rise.
I predicted some time ago the demise of both parties, starting with the Republicans. My reasoning was that Republicans have been winning elections mostly as a result of refugees from and ever left-leaning Democratic Party, finding no place else to turn. But, the big tent can't satisfy all constituent interests, and so must collapse. We saw this in 2006, and obviously again in 2008.

Is the Right dead? Not hardly. What is needed is for the Republican Party to become, at its core, a conservative party. The establishment Republicans, such as Peggy Noonan, don't like conservatism much. They prefer a more genteel, tame sort of Republican who is willing to compromise.

The reality is, every time Bush (43) "reached out", his hand was slapped back. The hard Left is not inclined to compromise, unless it is part of a planned betrayal.

The only solution for conservatives is to take back this weakened party, remake it along the lines of Reaganism and Milton Friedman, and offer it to the American people.

Americans respond positively to conservatism when it is offered openly, honestly, and without apology. Recall the "Reagan Revolution", empowered by disaffected Democrats.

There is a conservative core in America, living and breathing outside party boundaries. But, we need a vehicle for political effect, and clearly the Democrats don't offer this to us. Republicans do, as long as we can discourage RINO bullshit.

For example, vote against any Republican congressional candidate who voted for TARP, regardless of how otherwise "conservative" he or she may have been. Having voted with Bush does not a conservative make. Consider the Stimlus, the Omnibus Earmark Bill and cash-for-clunkers along the same lines as TARP.

I know I have made my choice in Nebraska's 2nd District: Matt Sakolosky. How can you tell he is viable, against a 6 term establishment Republican incumbent? Because it has gotten personal already. Deeply so. And when that happens, you know they fear you.

And keep ranting, fearlessly. They hate it, and we need it. It's cathartic, and quite healthy.

Back to my jet lag...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Brilliant, Clueless

How does this happen? You have a kid who is exceptionally bright, nice looking, well educated, yet completely clueless.

Obama is so filled with contradictions it is hard to know where to begin.

A black man with a white mother, raised by his white grandmother, who identifies with Leftist black radicals.

Unlike most American blacks, who often wallow in self-pity over their history of slavery, Obama has no ancestors who were slaves. He does, however, have ancestors who were slave holders.

Not that such a background would either qualify or disqualify him for any endeavour. Except for the Left, who demand "authenticity" from their black leaders. Indeed, contrary to popular mythology, it is the Left who propagates racism in America. Conservatives are generally happy with merit alone.

The Left got him his job, plain and simple. He arrived by the shortest calculated path possible, from the Illinois state legislature, via the United States Senate, with the easiest possible electoral effort (knock off your opponents by legal technicality, keeping them off the ballot altogether) and with no apparent legislative accomplishments whatever. In Illinois, when the Left took over as Obama coincidentally appeared, the leadership resurrected old, failed bills and allowed Obama to put his sponsorship name on them to provide himself instant credentials as they were jammed through the political machine. Deja vu, anyone?

In the U. S. Senate, he almost immediately began to run for President, barely warming his Senate seat-- just long enough to vote with his party leadership in automaton fashion. Payback is so simple, and mindless, and the party gave him "made man" status preemptively, knowing Obama would toe the line reliably.

A deal is a deal, after all, and the "deal" is everything.

So Obama must prove his street creds by being as radical as possible. He owes the hard Left everything, and the bill is now due. And boy, is he paying off! More spending in one year than the entire U. S. Government has spent since its inception, in total.

It's as though the Left knows perfectly well this presidency will go the way of Jimmy Carter, and wants to scrape off everything it can get in a single grab.

During the election, one reporter called him on his tax ideas. Since a reduction in capital gains tax rates yielded in increase in tax revenue, why increase rates?

Obama fessed up to being clueless on economics, but was only interested in "fairness".

Fairness. Not effectiveness. That tells us everything we need to know about Obama's presidency. Saving the economy, growing the economy, allowing job creation, wealth creation-- all these things are secondary at best.

He wants social justice, as defined by the radical Left.

Of course, justice means "I win, you lose".

Sadly, the Left is "I" and the vast majority of Americans-- most of whom voted for Obama-- are the losers. As intended.

He was going to make the world "love" America once again. Of course, what America needs is respect, not love. So, when he snubbed the UK Prime Minister, which did he get? Love, or respect? Neither, of course.

Here is a man with talent enough to inspire millions-- even billions-- to fulfill their potential and achieve greatness for humanity. But instead, he chooses the lowest common denominator mindset of Marx and Rousseau.

He could indeed save the world, at precisely the time the world needs saving-- from economic despair, ruthless unions, fascist dictators and global-warming-death-spiral fanatics-- by exhorting people to be their best and to focus on the bright future ahead. Instead, he chooses to pander. A man for the ages chooses to be a pimp for the fascist Left.

Brilliant. Clueless.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Been a while

Okay, it's been quite a while since I last wrote. I have been somewhat obsessed with video, lately. One friend asked me how I find the time to do videos.

That's the problem. I don't.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Incorrigible Ann Coulter

Look at all the people, here and elsewhere, going on about what you are supposed to say, supposed to not say, and how to properly feel about all this.

Here is the brief clip:

I don’t think I heard Ann call Edwards a faggot at all. She specifically declined to, on the grounds she might be expected to enter rehab for using a naughty word. Of course, the implication is, Edwards might be a faggot, but I’m not sure anyone thinks she really believes it.

In any case, who cares?

The point is, politically correct speech is being lampooned by Ann Coulter, and nearly everyone misses her point because they are too busy having a intestinal cramps over the word “faggot”. Nobody even heard what she really said.

Republicans need to act like Republicans, not self-loathing, America-hating, spineless Democrats.

For the record, I thought Ann was pretty damned funny.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Iran, Iraq, I Ramble

Some problems have no solution.

So, like, now what, dude? Some thoughts on the matter...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Who Are You?

I was asked recently to participate in a survey of blogs, for an upcoming book on the subject. The author, David Perlutter, is a professor at the University of Kansas, and naturally has a blog of his own.

He also asked if I would encourage my readers to participate, and so I do.

The promise is to keep identities confidential and to share general findings later.

So, please take a few minutes to answer out the survey questions.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blessing of the New York Times

It's not often the New York Times has good news for the Bush administration. In this case, it was their reaction to Bush's Oval Office speech last night.

Here is a video version of my take on the matter...

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