Friday, October 29, 2004

It's a small small world

Holy cripes!

In my best non-saline language, this phrase spontaneously burst out after a stunning realization. I just heard "Azzam the American" on radio. Azzam is the voice and face on the video just released, promising attacks that will make the streets of America "run red with blood", as punishment for "Bush and Cheney". Presumably, this is yet another foreign endorsement for John Kerry. But, his voice... so familiar. I just know who it is.

Now, this is a serious business, to be sure. This guy really means it and is voicing a very real threat to us. But that voice, it's a dead giveaway. Just listen to it. Skip the video, that's too distracting. Just listen to the voice.

You guessed it too, right? Yep, none other than Andy Kaufman. Not Tony Clifton either, nor his Latka Gravis persona, but Andy himself. Apparently, he did indeed fake his own death and moved to somewhere in the Middle East.

And that voice, with its deadpan style, is a giveaway. Only Andy could pull something like this off so smoothly. Apparently he is spoofing al Qaeda, and bin Laden and the crew are buying it, hook, line and sinker.

I hope he's not really pissed at us, though. Maybe we should have been nicer to him when he was among us.


Blogger Word Wizard said...

I am not sure if it was Andy... but I do enjoy your thinking and writing a great deal and wish I had found your blog earlier. I also hope you are planning to keep it up. The liberal left are not going to accept defeat graciously. There is much work yet to do for Write Wingers.

10:13 PM  
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