Sunday, June 27, 2004

Gimme the bodycounts!

Every time an american soldier is killed— for that matter, every time an Iraqi civilian is killed by a terrorist, we get instant news of the death. What about the insurgents/terrorists/bad guys we grease along the way? Our bodies get counted, theirs are virtually ingored.

I was just reading a blurb on the Belmont Club about the fighting in between our First Armored Division and those creeps belonging to al Sadr. 5,000 of our guys fought and 19 died. We heard all about that. What was pretty much ignored by the press was that 1,500 of their guys bit the dust in the process. That's a kill ratio of about 78:1.

This war is so often compared to Vietnam, yet today's war coverage falls short of the mark. The left-wing press certainly wants to focus on violence, but they fail to tell the whole story.

Back in the sixties we saw graphic images every day. But, at least we got an idea of how much damage we were doing. For every one of our guys lost, we took out a bunch of bad guys. 20:1 felt pretty good. Now we are hitting 78:1. Damn!

Good numbers, by my reckoning. We need body counts and kill ratios. Daily news, live coverage.


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