Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie Almost Took Us

Tookie Williams is a cold-blooded killer. He was convicted of capital murder in California, and is scheduled to die a few hours from now. After a full-court Hollywood press, Governor Schwarzenegger decided against granting clemency to Williams.

Good enough.

Oddly, Rainbow Push Coalition leader Jesse Jackson will be marching in protest. Jackson, of course, is famous for his defence of black "victims" of justice. He personally met with the Governor to plea the Williams case, saying on his web site:
Tookie Williams personifies what “Redemption” is all about. He has used his time in prison to reach others and save lives. We may not be able to quantify the number of children he has saved, but I am certain that there are children in this country and abroad that would not be here had they not received his powerful message.

Interesting perspective. Can we quantify the thousands of children who would be with us had Tookie Williams not started the Crips gang to begin with?

While I am personally opposed to capital punishment-- and I am not a Christian-- I must say this is not what redemption is about. Redemption begins with acknowledgement of one's actions, then asking forgiveness.

Williams has done neither. He simply claims not to have committed the crimes for which he was convicted. Nobody is asking on his behalf for a new trial, nor is evidence of his innocence being offered. Nobody seriously claims his innocence. They simply insist he is a better person, presumably for not admitting guilt and asking forgiveness.

Here is the strangest matter in this case: Jesse Jackson puts his energy into pleading for mercy for Williams, and protests the state's punishment. Yet, in all my years, I have no recollection of Jesse Jackson even once protesting anywhere on behalf of those unquantified victims of Tookie Williams' legacy of gang violence. He simply dances to the Tookie Williams tune of ignore-my-actions-but-listen-to-what-I-say.

Most of the victims of gang killings are black. Jesse Jackson purports to advocate for the black community, yet he has never, to my knowlege, marched against black-on-black violence anywhere.

For whom, then, is Jesse Jackson an advocate?


Blogger Abe said...

"For whom, then, is Jesse Jackson an advocate?"

Easy one there, Roger: Jesse Jackson is first, foremost, and always an fervent advocate for the interests of Jesse Jackson.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Roger Snowden said...

You may have noticed Jesse Jackson made numerous trips to Tookie's cell yesterday, trying to get himself listed as one of Tookie's official "witnesses" to the execution.

Would it be cynical to suggest Jackson's motive had something to do with television appearances that might have come about as a result of witnessing Tookie's death?

7:49 AM  
Blogger Gunscribe said...

Roger i just found your Blog today.

I have given the Williams case a little thought and believe that Jesse Jackson has been a disengenuous self serving hypocrite For a very long time.

My thoughts as you have expressed them mirror yours almost to a T.

Williams never redeemed himself and never asked for forgiveness and his denials rang hallow.

I enjoyed reading you thoughts on it.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Gunscribe said...

Roger i just found your Blog today.

I have had the same thoughts about the Williams drama as you have.

He has done nothing to redeem himself and all of his denials ring hollow.

I have thought for a very long time that Jesse Jackson is nothing but a disengenuous self serving hypocrite.

Thanks for the good read.

10:05 PM  
Blogger Roger Snowden said...


Thanks for the comment.

Thanks for the comment.


7:47 AM  

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