Thursday, September 08, 2005

Swamp Fever

From the bowels of the Mississippi Delta, a howl cuts through the night air. The feverish cry of the bottom-feeding politicus leftus has all the soothing qualities of the beast Nancy Pelosi (remember, "pelosi" is Italian for "hairy") on a media binge.

Indeed, it is the ubiquitous congresswoman, whose voice emanates simultaneously from every television set in the nation. She is calling for an investigation into the handling of Hurricane Katrina, and has already found the culprit: her political nemesis, the evil Republicans. What she has not figured out is, what goes around comes around.

Some people never learn.

Recall some months ago the earnest desire to investigate-- no, immediately jail-- Tom Delay over presumed financial irregularities involving lobbyists, junkets and credit cards? Until someone said, "Good idea, let's investigate the finances of all members of congress". Followed by deafening silence on the Left.

The Left in America cannot seem to get a grip on reality. They honestly think the political center of the United States' electorate is somewhere near their socialist hearts. Yet, Americans keep electing Republicans, despite Democrats having historically higher party membership. Again and again.

Moreover, the only thing the Democrats can think to do is to rally 'round their Marxist core and launch verbal assaults on the Right. No new ideas, constructive action, or reasoned alternatives. Just swampwater and bile. And they have no clue why they keep losing elections.

You see, when you piss off your constituency and offer no useful alternative to the opposition, you have a hard time getting votes. Not that complicated.

So now comes a devastating hurricane, wiping out the homes of thousands. Killing perhaps thousands, it's just too early to say. But not too early to switch the media focus from rescue to recrimination. He said, she said, blah blah. Anything other than actually dealing with the problem at hand.

I will go out on a limb here. When all this shakes out and the facts are known, some Democrats in Louisiana-- in particular the Governor of Louisiana and Mayor of New Orleans-- are going to be looking for new careers.

Just a hunch.

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