Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mindless Mouth of the South

Ted Turner compares Fox News to Hitler. Oh my.

This is the guy who founded CNN. CNN, the cable news pioneer who once aired a fabricated report by Peter Arnett, that the United States had used nerve gas in Laos. Peter Arnett, who was on Saddam Hussein's payroll while he was "reporting" from Baghdad prior to the war.

Ted Turner, who said the 9/11 hijackers "...were brave at the very least...".

Ted Turner, who married Jane Fonda. Hanoi Jane, who cheered for the North Vietnamese fighting our troops in Vietnam.

The Mouth of the South, as he has long been known, says the popularity of Fox News over CNN is similar to the electoral popularity of Adolph Hitler during the 1930s. And being popular does not make you right. As though CNN is somehow "right", in its anti-American editorial agenda.

Fortunately, we live in a free-market society, where CNN's market share decline is a result of Americans collectively ignoring obvious bias, and not the prelude to a beer hall putsch.

And now we can collectively ignore Ted Turner.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The French cut the cheese again

One interesting aspect of French politics is that, in any election, about 40% of their electorate votes for either a Communist or a Nazi. You can't really blame the voters, both extremes are impossible to distinguish most of the time.

On the Nazi side of the house, French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen has raised many a hackle for his past Hitler-apologist comments. Most recently, he said the Holocaust was "not particularly inhumane". For the record, note "inhumane" and "inhuman" are not necessarily the same thing. In any case, besides being a stupid thing to say, it may well be criminal as well. In France, that is.

As a warning to our home-grown leftists who cannot admire the French enough, it happens to be illegal in France to deny the Holocaust. Yes, that's correct. The right to deny the official history of those who themselves denied others of their rights is itself denied.

It's a "denial non-denial" policy from a country whose greatest contribution to civilization was the idea that you might improve a food by letting it get moldy. Such is the logic of the French. So, le Pen may be in trouble again.

Of course, that is not to say you cannot approve of genocide, and anti-semitism in general, so Chirac himself appears to be safe. You will recall the warm praise Chirac lavished on Yasser Arafat after the Nobel Prize-winning terrorist finally bit the dust in a Paris hospital, "I came to bow before President Yasser Arafat and pay him a final homage."

But, whatever the insane contradictions French "logic" presents, nothing can top the irony of the legal denial of free speech as regards the very system of government that itself denied all freedoms, spoken and otherwise. The Third Reich was only surpassed by Communism in its destruction of humanity, so you would think the society that defeated that evil empire would be particularly careful to protect free speech, however stupid such speech might be.

Oh wait-- the guys who defeated the Nazis do protect free speech. It's the cheese-eating surrender monkeys who deny that right.

Now it all makes perfect sense.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

We should be so lucky

Howard Dean, after much pundit speculation, apparently will indeed seek to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee. We on the Right could only hope for such luck. The only thing better would be for Dennis Kucinich to grab the job no sane person seems to want, but that would be too good. This news is merely excellent.

Sadly, I could see this leading to an eventual split in the Republican Party. After all, no party can rule forever without meaningful opposition, and such opposition will come from within the Republican ranks if the Democrats insist on permanent irrelevance.

But, I suppose even the flakiest of political leftists must have a base from which to work, so the Democratic Party becomes the modern day equivalent to the Wobblies. Perhaps they can merge with the Flat-Earthers to maintain critical mass.

In the meantime, enjoy the spectacle. Yeeaaaaghh!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Blogs afire!

(Warning! Possible satirical elements follow)

Just a quick note, to observe the irony of Armstrong Williams-- who has never admitted to being a journalist and whom the Left would never openly call a journalist-- suddenly being promoted to the status of "journalist" and therefore held to correspondingly high ethical standards. Meanwhile,Dan Rather, an self-confessed journalist, is excused from any such ethical expectation.

In other odd news, Jimmy Carter certified infamous mockumentary "filmmaker" Michael Moore's victory in the Peoples Awards win. Although the internet "voting" method ensures the likelihood that 300 politically motivated college kids would spike the election results from their dorm rooms on any given Thursday night, the Carter Center assures us the voting was every bit as fair as Hugo Chavez's recent plebiscite.

In other, odder news, Jimmy Carter was tragically eviscerated when Michael Moore mistook the former president for a prune danish.

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