Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Brilliant, Clueless

How does this happen? You have a kid who is exceptionally bright, nice looking, well educated, yet completely clueless.

Obama is so filled with contradictions it is hard to know where to begin.

A black man with a white mother, raised by his white grandmother, who identifies with Leftist black radicals.

Unlike most American blacks, who often wallow in self-pity over their history of slavery, Obama has no ancestors who were slaves. He does, however, have ancestors who were slave holders.

Not that such a background would either qualify or disqualify him for any endeavour. Except for the Left, who demand "authenticity" from their black leaders. Indeed, contrary to popular mythology, it is the Left who propagates racism in America. Conservatives are generally happy with merit alone.

The Left got him his job, plain and simple. He arrived by the shortest calculated path possible, from the Illinois state legislature, via the United States Senate, with the easiest possible electoral effort (knock off your opponents by legal technicality, keeping them off the ballot altogether) and with no apparent legislative accomplishments whatever. In Illinois, when the Left took over as Obama coincidentally appeared, the leadership resurrected old, failed bills and allowed Obama to put his sponsorship name on them to provide himself instant credentials as they were jammed through the political machine. Deja vu, anyone?

In the U. S. Senate, he almost immediately began to run for President, barely warming his Senate seat-- just long enough to vote with his party leadership in automaton fashion. Payback is so simple, and mindless, and the party gave him "made man" status preemptively, knowing Obama would toe the line reliably.

A deal is a deal, after all, and the "deal" is everything.

So Obama must prove his street creds by being as radical as possible. He owes the hard Left everything, and the bill is now due. And boy, is he paying off! More spending in one year than the entire U. S. Government has spent since its inception, in total.

It's as though the Left knows perfectly well this presidency will go the way of Jimmy Carter, and wants to scrape off everything it can get in a single grab.

During the election, one reporter called him on his tax ideas. Since a reduction in capital gains tax rates yielded in increase in tax revenue, why increase rates?

Obama fessed up to being clueless on economics, but was only interested in "fairness".

Fairness. Not effectiveness. That tells us everything we need to know about Obama's presidency. Saving the economy, growing the economy, allowing job creation, wealth creation-- all these things are secondary at best.

He wants social justice, as defined by the radical Left.

Of course, justice means "I win, you lose".

Sadly, the Left is "I" and the vast majority of Americans-- most of whom voted for Obama-- are the losers. As intended.

He was going to make the world "love" America once again. Of course, what America needs is respect, not love. So, when he snubbed the UK Prime Minister, which did he get? Love, or respect? Neither, of course.

Here is a man with talent enough to inspire millions-- even billions-- to fulfill their potential and achieve greatness for humanity. But instead, he chooses the lowest common denominator mindset of Marx and Rousseau.

He could indeed save the world, at precisely the time the world needs saving-- from economic despair, ruthless unions, fascist dictators and global-warming-death-spiral fanatics-- by exhorting people to be their best and to focus on the bright future ahead. Instead, he chooses to pander. A man for the ages chooses to be a pimp for the fascist Left.

Brilliant. Clueless.

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