Saturday, June 17, 2006

"We Suck Less"

We have been waiting months for the Democrats to finally announce The Plan.

For years they harshly criticized Republican policies without offering any alternative. Finally, they have spoken.

The announcement speaks volumes about the Democrats and their agenda-- mostly by what it does not say. In some later article, maybe I'll take some time dissecting their logic, or lack of it. But for now, something more striking is worthy of note.

Quick, what are the top two items on the minds of Americans? Did it take you more than a nanosecond to come up with 1) national security (or Iraq) and 2) illegal immigration?

Now, look at the page I linked above, and find any mention of anything remotely related to either of those items.

...pause...sip my coffee...

Me neither. It's as though we are not at war. And 11 million illegal aliens simply do not exist.

I did notice the page had much more text telling us how bad the Republicans are, than what purports to describe the Democrats' offer. In fact, more than twice the word count in the six bullet points for each.

"New Direction": 149 words
"Wrong Direction": 309 words.

In other words, same song, different day.

Oh, check the Online Vote poll on the left side of the page. The question changes as you navigate to the page each time, but for my first visit it was
"In the last year, which has most hurt the state of your finances?"

The choices were:

Lower income
Higher education costs
Rising health care costs
None of the above

Now, I happened to choose "none of the above", since taxation is more of a problem for me personally than anything else. Of course, taxation is not a choice explicitly offered-- Nancy Pelosi apparently thinks education, healthcare and loss of income pretty much cover the subject. But, you can make your own choice.

So, I clicked to vote and see the results. When I clicked, "none of the above" registered 70% of all votes. See how "in touch" the Democrats are? They can't even ask the right questions.

It's as though the only thing they can say about themselves is, "we suck less".

Except, clearly they don't.

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