Monday, February 06, 2006

Behold the Power of Cheese Danish

At the risk of not offending my Muslim friends, upon hearing of the crazies rioting over a Danish cartoon depicting Muhammed as he actually was, I immediately ran to the grocery store and bought the first Danish item I could find: a package of Havarti cheese.

Now, cheese is a special thing for sandwich lovers, a group of which I am a proud member. My default sandwich cheese-- only by habit-- is Swiss. Or, at least, what we call Swiss cheese. It's the stuff with the holes, right? Well, I happened to travel to Zurich this past July and ate cheese pretty much every day. Most of it was domestically produced and not once did I encounter the hole-infused stuff we Americans call "swiss cheese". But Havarti, on the other hand, is the real deal. Mild and soft, and easily sliced into sandwich-sized portions, it is magnificent stuff.

And great on ham sandwiches. Of which I am also eating more.

You see, it seems the crazies decided to boycott Danish products. Somehow I don't think the sales of Danish ham and cheese are going to be affected much, so I am participating in an effort to increase sales of Danish products, just to spite those nut cases of which we all speak so fondly these days.

Think of it as a silent, personal counter-boycott.

Oh, in searching for linkable articles on the boycott, I naturally visited the al Jazeera "news" web site. al Jazeera wants us to think it is the objective voice of the Islamic world, yet is careful to publish a list of countries that printed the "offensive" cartoon. Not that they want anyone to storm an embassy, mind you. Just reporting "the truth".

What a bunch of baloney.

Look, the Danes are of Viking descent. Somehow, I suspect that famous Viking toughness worked its way into Danish DNA. I don't imagine the Danes will be easily intimidated into giving up their hard-fought personal freedoms to satisfy a bunch of loons who think slaughtering innocent children is a perfectly normal thing to do, as long as you shout, "Allah Akbar!" while hacking.

Many thousands of Christian Africans have been and continue to be slaughtered by Muslims in Sudan. Word from the "arab street"? Not a peep. But, stick a pair of panties on some whacko's head in the midst of some guards-gone-wild prank-- the equivalent of a Saturday night frat party from any random University-- and the result is roadside bombing and countless beheadings. All in the name of Allah, of course.

Genocide of Christians: fair game.

Silly Muhammed cartoon: time for jihad.

This, from the "religion of peace". They want their religious rights protected, of course. But, fly to Saudi Arabia and announce you are building a Christian church and intend to convert the locals. See what happens to religious freedom then.

Sure, they will give us peace. Just as soon as the either convert or wipe out every other human on the planet. Islam is the equivalent of crossing a biker gang with Amway. Muhammed set this up long ago. The basic deal was, go conquer and destroy. What you capture is yours to kill, convert, enslave, tax or whatever. Just be sure to pass a cut up the chain. Thus, the Barbary pirates were born, and so they thrive today.

So, I say, fight back.

Mmm... bacon!

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