Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It's such a gas

Remember at the start of the Bush presidency, gas prices shot up? It was the Bush-Cheney Cabal with their secret conspiracy to use the presidency to enrich their oil buddies. Then, about six months later, gas prices were pretty low again.

Not a word from the left. What, the conspiracy failed?

Then, just a few months ago, prices were back up. World demand is increasing, and we have not built a new refinery in thrity years or more. The immediate cause was uncertainty over the Middle East, of course. All we heard from the left, again, was the oil cabal conspiracy theory. No hue and cry to build refineries, drill domestically or develop nuclear plants.

Just the other day, I filled my tank and paid less than $1.80 a gallon. More than twenty cents down from the recent high.

No word yet from the left.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The left wants us to start reducing our demand from oil. I don't subscribe to any beleif in an oil "cabal". But I do believe this administration is not much interested in seriously reducing our dependence by reducing demand. They'd rather see us exploit every possble source of oil, regardless of the consequences. Rather shortsighted.

1:32 PM  

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