Wednesday, December 22, 2004

On a lighter note...

A quick note to my vast readership. All four of you. Yes, that includes you, Mom. You may have noticed a lack of postings in recent weeks. Mostly I have been busy with my real job, but I have also been reflecting on the nature of this blog site.

I was worried from the outset about mixing the satirical with the serious. One of my first postings touched on the idea that we Americans tend to get confused when we read something that is supposed to be satirical, so I have tended to lean toward the somber side of things. On the other hand, serious writing is just not all that popular, as my Site Meter numbers reflect. It's a tough, crowded blogosphere, where my chances of actually breaking a huge story are quite remote, despite my obvious brilliance.

Nonetheless, people love to laugh, and this world is filled to the brim with comedic material. So, I am kicking off a new site, intended to be entirely amusing, if not actually funny. Okay, we'll lives, albeit with no meaningful content just yet.

Stay tuned. I need a few days of installing Movable Type or some such, plus a bit of tweaking time. Then the inevitable effort of actually writing something. A few days, yes. It's just a matter of which few days.


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