Tuesday, January 11, 2005

We should be so lucky

Howard Dean, after much pundit speculation, apparently will indeed seek to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee. We on the Right could only hope for such luck. The only thing better would be for Dennis Kucinich to grab the job no sane person seems to want, but that would be too good. This news is merely excellent.

Sadly, I could see this leading to an eventual split in the Republican Party. After all, no party can rule forever without meaningful opposition, and such opposition will come from within the Republican ranks if the Democrats insist on permanent irrelevance.

But, I suppose even the flakiest of political leftists must have a base from which to work, so the Democratic Party becomes the modern day equivalent to the Wobblies. Perhaps they can merge with the Flat-Earthers to maintain critical mass.

In the meantime, enjoy the spectacle. Yeeaaaaghh!


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