Monday, January 10, 2005

Blogs afire!

(Warning! Possible satirical elements follow)

Just a quick note, to observe the irony of Armstrong Williams-- who has never admitted to being a journalist and whom the Left would never openly call a journalist-- suddenly being promoted to the status of "journalist" and therefore held to correspondingly high ethical standards. Meanwhile,Dan Rather, an self-confessed journalist, is excused from any such ethical expectation.

In other odd news, Jimmy Carter certified infamous mockumentary "filmmaker" Michael Moore's victory in the Peoples Awards win. Although the internet "voting" method ensures the likelihood that 300 politically motivated college kids would spike the election results from their dorm rooms on any given Thursday night, the Carter Center assures us the voting was every bit as fair as Hugo Chavez's recent plebiscite.

In other, odder news, Jimmy Carter was tragically eviscerated when Michael Moore mistook the former president for a prune danish.


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