Thursday, July 08, 2004

Good fences make good neighbors

Looks like the Hague-based International Court of Justice is going to rule on Israel's security fence tomorrow. Not surprisingly, they will rule the fence illegal. Their rationale? The court " not convinced that the specific course Israel has chosen for the wall was necessary to attain its security objectives."

The fence is not necessary?

Since construction of the Gaza version of the security fence, not one suicide bomber has infiltrated Israel. Moreover, where the disputed West Bank fence has been finished, suicide bombings have dropped off to practically nothing. In fact, the fence is so effective, in combination with a few well-placed helicopter rockets, the Intifada is pretty much over, and Israel won.

This is what, chopped liver?

The purpose of the fence is to protect Israeli citizens, 15% of whom are Arabs, by the way. The fence works. But this motive, and the obvious success of the fence hold no water for the IJC. A lone dissenting voice came from the American judge, Thomas Buerghenthal. Go figure.

The court will demand Israel not only tear down the fence, but pay Palestinians' reparations as well. Apparently the wall infringes on Palestinians freedom of movement, freedom to seek employment, education and health.

No mention was made of the health of 900 or more Israelis who have been murdered by Palestinians since the last Intifada began in 2000.

I guess they could always sue for reparations. It's the International Court of Justice, right?


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