Thursday, July 08, 2004

Never censor the Left

Every time someone on the right criticizes a leftist, we hear cries of "censorship". As though criticism itself was a form of censorship. Recall Tim Robbins, speaking before the Press Club last year: "A chill wind is blowing in this nation."

The fact is, the more left-wing politicians speak, the better we understand them. We need to know precisely what is on their minds, the things they say only when they think the public is not listening. The more America knows about the Left, the better off we all will be.

Back in the sixties, the New Left took over the Democratic Party. Then, they were openly radical, since it was fashionable to be young and pissed off at the war in Vietnam. Now they have grown up and they cloak themselves as traditional members of "the establishment". But traditional they are not. Now they adopt the soft-spoken demeanor of Tom Daschle, to reassure us they are the mainstream, and the Republicans are right-wing radicals.

And they really do believe they are mainstream American. But they are not. Their mindless platitudes do not stand even cursory intellectual scrutiny, so they use emotional appeals and personal invective. Listen to what they say, and you will hear... nothing. No content. Tap on their arguments lightly and you will hear a hollow echo.

When you really listen to them, you still see loving admiration for Fidel Castro, for Daniel Ortega. A willing defense of Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs. Forgiveness — no admiration for John Kerry's self-confession of war crimes. Street demonstrations by International ANSWER, of the stalinist World Workers Party, whose operations are sponsored by North Korea, are applauded, attended and supported by the Democrats.

The "core" of the Democratic Party — the group that runs the party — is far to the left. People for the American Way, the NEA, NOW, NARAL, the Rainbow Coalition. All left-wing constituencies that create the litmus tests every judicial appointee must pass in order to even get the Senate vote the Constitution guarantees.

Most traditional Democrats are not leftists at all. They register that way because their parents did, same as Republicans. But, the core of the Republican party is much closer to the political center than the Democrats. That is because Americans are basically conservative in nature. The values of the Republican Party are much more aligned with most Americans than the Democrats.

How can you tell? Listen to the Democrats. Who is speaking for them these days? George Soros. Michael Moore. Ted Rall. They won't disavow these shills, but only defend their "first amendment rights". When Ted Rall calls Condaleeza Rice the most foul name you can imagine, do Democrat leaders call for his banishment? No, they will remain silent.

When Michael Moore creates a "documentary" that makes him the new Leni Riefenstahl, is he condemned by the Left? No, he gets a standing ovation.

These people squarely represent the views of the Democratic Party leadership, make no mistake about it. Never shut up the Left. Never censor their views. The more we know about them, and where they really want to take this nation, the better off we all are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A funny neocon you are! Too blind to even realize that those you so dearly support currently in power don't stand for any conservative values. I tell ya these are big government loving, anti constitution, deficit spending currency inflation neo fascists, not conservatives by a long shot.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Roger Snowden said...

Like I said, personal invective, zero content.

C'mon "anonymous". Is that the best you can do?

Why don't you start by defining "neocon" for us?

10:57 AM  
Blogger Jay-L said...

Roger’s a neocon, eh? What a clever retort. Ah, and I read a couple of lines further only to discover that the current administration consists of fascists. I must have missed the Presidential address where Bush opined for Aryan/racist policies of yesteryear. There’s nothing quite like using absurd levels moral equivalency or ad hominem attacks to make your point. The only thing that reply is lacking is a gratuitous reference to Halliburton or Rupert Murdoch.

No, I probably shouldn’t dignify such intellectual depravity with a response. But honestly, I can’t help but laugh every time a liberal throws around the fascist epithet. Considering the far-left’s worldwide record of accomplishment as fascists for the last century, one would have to be completely deluded to believe conservatives are any sort of thing. The whole smaller, less intrusive government doctrine is antithetical to fascism. Is this administration’s largess in public education and social security spending fascist? If so, then is there even word that accurately conveys the level of “fascism” of modern-day liberals in this country? In psychology, I believe they call this behavior projection. But never let facts or history get in the way of a good liberal argument. :)

Nice blog.

11:18 AM  

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