Friday, July 09, 2004

Tom Daschle's physical graffiti

Tom Daschle denied hugging Michael Moore at the Washington premiere of Fahrenheit 9/11. Apparently this is a campaign issue in South Dakota. You see, it seems South Dakotans are actually fairly conservative. Yet, with the help of the local rag, Daschle has somehow fooled many South Dakotans into believing he is not a left-wing loon at all. "Ignore the man behind the curtain" implores the honorable fourth estate. Whatever.

But Michael Moore insists he got the hug. And who would ever call Michael Moore a prevaricator? Really, from the Democrats' reaction to F 9/11, Moore must be a shining beacon of truth in a conspiratorial world of right-wing lies. Leni Riefenstahl did not enjoy such support in her day.

So, who speaks the truth here? Was it maybe just a pat on the back, as opposed to a full-body grope? No, Daschle denies even meeting Moore that night, though Moore sat just a few rows behind. Despite Daschle's need to have it both ways, he's in a bit of a squeeze here, so to speak. And we really hate to see him in a political hot spot. He probably got sweaty enough from... oh, never mind.

Maybe Tom can say he saw Mike, and held up his hand as though to wave. And maybe that was mistaken for the intent of a hug. Yeah, something like that. But to just deny the affection altogether? With all the touchy-feely going on between Democrats these days, you would think their biggest concern would be having clean underwear.

C'mon, man. Where's the love?


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