Thursday, August 19, 2004

Paz Venezolana

Huge Chavez, Venezuela's Marxist president, underwent a referendum last weekend. With poverty rising, along with malnutrition, there seemed to be a chance the Venezuelan people might finally oust him from power.

Indeed, exit polls showed he had lost 58% to 41%-- a landslide my most standards. Opposition members were elated. Then shocked, when the officially announced result was exactly the opposite-- 58% in favor of Chavez.

Later, Chavez send his goons to break up the protestors' rally. Weapons in hand, they began shooting at the crowd, killing and wounding some. The Wall Street Journal has an op-ed piece describing this. (subscription required)

This was captured on video tape, but Chavez insisted the shooters were themselves of the opposition. Right.

Naturally, Jimmy Carter certified the election "fair".


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