Wednesday, July 14, 2004

McAuliffe suddenly favors disclosure

As Drudge reported today, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe demanded President Bush "...release the Cliffs Notes version of his intelligence briefing." in order to satisfy McAuliffe's assertion "...despite repeated warnings from the intelligence community, this President stubbornly went forward with his plans for war."

I think he thinks someone is hiding something. That someone is less than honest here. Hmm...

This is the same Terry McAuliffe who made millions from an "investment" in Global Crossing, which company later went infamously bust. The same Terry McAuliffe who wanted to blame Enron's failure on Republican's, but assured us his selling of shares immediately prior to Global Crossing's failure was just good business sense.

The same Terry McAuliffe who at that time said, "The people out there who are hurt the most are the small people, and once again the wealthy special interests got to take their money off the table, and that's what we need to investigate."

Not that there was anything of his to investigate. He just happened to play a round of golf at the right time, then got real lucky on the sale. It's really simple: you just start with $100,000, then sell at precisely the right time and you have $18,000,000.

The $1 million Global Crossing's founder donated to the Clinton Library is just a coincidence. And the $400 million Pentagon contract Global Crossing got from the Clinton administration is unrelated. And the fact that Global Crossing gave more to Democrats than Enron ever gave to Republicans is irrelevant.

I wonder if Terry McAuliffe still has his Cliffs Notes on Global Crossing.


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